European Progressive Roulette

  • Game: European Progressive Roulette
  • Game Provider: iSoftbet
  • RTP: 97.06 % for the optimal play strategy
  • Mobile Version: No
  • Available at:

European Progressive Roulette

The European Progressive Roulette Casino Game by iSoftbet is the video version of European Roulette, and it is added a progressive jackpot to it. Video versions of live casino games are often of low quality, but this is not the case with the game. It has a nice design, good background sound, and a practical control panel.

As it is a video version of Roulette you will not meet any other players at the table, and this is a great advantage if you are trying out new strategies for Roulette. With no other players, you will have sufficient time to think through your bets before you place them.

The Roulette table is designed just like a normal Roulette table for live casino, so you can easily use Roulette strategies like Dozen Strategy for Roulette, Martingale Strategy, Labouchère Strategy, or the d’Alembert Strategy.

Side Bet

If you are used to normal Live Casino Roulette, you will find European Progressive Roulette a bit confusing, to begin with. When you place your bet, you will notice that 1 credit is taken automatically for the Side Bet. You can not turn this off, and this is an important part of the jackpot game. If you want to play without the Side Bet, iSoftbet also provides a normal European Roulette without the progressive jackpot.

How to win the European Progressive Roulette Jackpot

To win the European Progressive Roulette Jackpot you need to place Straight Up Bets. This is a bet placed on one single number. This bet pays 35:1. As you can see from the Jackpot Table up in the right corner, there will be added additional prizes when you win on Straight Up Bets on the same number in consecutive game rounds. To win the progressive jackpot you need to win on the same number in 5 consecutive game rounds.

European Progressive Roulette Mobile

European Progressive Roulette Mobile by iSoftbet is not available.

iSoftbet Casino Games

iSoftbet have made a lot of good online slots, and they offer a good range of video casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, and different types of Video Poker. There are not many online casinos offering this range of games, but there are some.

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