A Slot Strategy That Works?

Google Slot Strategy and you will get million of results. Some good, and some not so good. Is there a Slot Strategy that really works?


Let us start with Strategy. Wikipedia defines a strategy to be a ‘high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty’. According to this, there is no doubt that there are Slot Strategies, but the interesting question is how good they are.

Slot Strategies

The problem with Slot Strategies from our point of view is that they are based on the Martingale strategy for Roulette. In short, when in trouble double. Also known as gamblers fallacy. The reason to why this Casino Strategy does not work is simple. You do not have an unlimited amount of money, and there is an upper limit for how large bets you can place. Both on the Roulette table and on slots. Because of this, the strategy will simply not work.

A Slot Strategy That Works?

So are there any Slot Strategy that will make you rich? Short answer; no. Are there strategies that might improve your chance to win more? Yes. Both for slots and Live Casino games. But this is about online slots, so let us see what determines how much you can expect in return for your slot play.

Return To Player

The return you can expect on your stakes on a slot is known as Return to Player, or RTP for short. This value is an expression of how much of the stakes played at the slot is being sent back to the players as wins. A slot with an RTP of 95 % will give a return back to the players of €95 of a total of €100 placed in bets in the long run. There are a lot of different slots, and there are a lot of different RTP ratios. Normally the RTP is somewhere in between of 80 % to 99 %. You want to play at the slot with the highest RTP. Still, the expected return is negative.

Add Value – Tournaments

If there only was a way to add more potential value to your returns… And there are. By participating in competitions like tournaments you have the chance to win additional prizes from your gaming. However, there are different tournaments, and here you have to make a wise choice. In a wagering tournament, where the goal is to make as many bets as possible within a given period you will most likely have to be a VIP to have a slight chance to win. Then there are win tournaments where the goal is to win as much as possible within a given period. The latter tournament is often considered fairer because it only last for a short period and your chance to win is not limited by the size of your wallet. casumo reel race slot strategy

Reel Race

The Reel Race is a perfect tournament for a good Slot Strategy. It lasts for only 30 minutes, and the goal is to get as many winnings you can. If the tournament is played on a slot with high RTP you can achieve a positive expected return when you combine both the original RTP of the slot and the prizes from the tournament. At Casumo Casino you can find Reel Races being played all day long on different slots, and being smart and play when few others are playing on a high RTP slot you might get a good chance to win by using your Slot Strategy. You can sign up at Casumo here:
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Casumo Casino

Casumo is a really good casino, not just because of No Deposit Free Spins and Reel Races. They have more than 800 different slots, and they offer all new players 5 different deposit bonuses for the first deposits. The collection of jackpot slots are really good and you can enjoy games like Power Force Villains Mobile, Mega Moolah, and many more.

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